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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Want a iPhone4 compatible giffgaff micro SIM? Order one from

Order a Free micro SIM card, for the giffgaff Network, for use in the iPhone 4. Usually delivered the next working day. All come with £5 FREE credit*

As you maybe aware giffgaff do not supply Micro SIM’s for people to use on the mobile phone network.

You would have two choices either order a Normal SIM and cut that SIM down to the correct size for your iPhone 4 or another compatible device.

Or order a Free SIM from a member like myself who will provide you with a SIM free of charge.

I provide you with 2 options on how to order your Free giffgaff Micro SIM

You can either:

Order a Free GiffGaff Micro SIM from my wufoo form.

Or make a direct request via the microgaff platform.

All micro SIM’s I provide are professionally cut using a Micro SIM cutting tool.

I send out all SIM requests usually within 24 hours and normally via First Class post.

Please note:
Any SIM ordered from my account which registers I will donate 50p to The British Heart Foundation.

I made the decision to give 10% of the payback from this account to charity, After all giffgaff does mean mutual giving.

* £5 free credit will be applied to your account upon SIM activation and initial top up of £10

To activate your Free giffgaff SIM or Micro SIM: Go to