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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Best mobile phones for £100 and under

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Best mobile phones for £100 and under
by sheena on 07-03-2011 16:31
So I managed to steal an extra 50 quid from giffgaff Finance for my next blog! Whoo-hoo! That brings me up to a grand total of £100 for a mobile phone. You think it would be easy right? Wrong! At least with £50 I had little choice so I made the best out of a bad situation, but double that figure and I feel like a kid in candy shop! Arghhhh too many choices and so many appealing offers!! *eyes light up* OK, so I did my usual research alongside everyone else’s suggestions from my first blog (excellent job by the way!) and I have come up with three £100 and under handsets *drum roll please*

The first is the Samsung C3300 which comes up at around £80 SIM free AND unlocked!! Bargain! That leaves me with about £20 left to go buy a bottle of wine (er I mean giffgaff top up)

The second mobile phone is the Nokia 5230 which is a favourite for all you app-mad people out there, because it runs on the Symbian operating system, which means you can download apps from the Ovi store. You will also be happy to hear that I found it for even cheaper if you buy a refurbished model!

Now after much demand (and the fact that the gaffer has one!) I have decided to include the Orange San Fran within this budget. Not only is this a popular mobile phone for first time users, but it is a cheap Android smart phone which is easy to use. Even though you have to get the annoying £10 top up, it's still a bargain for around £90


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