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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Free data for giffgaff members whilst we improve our data charging system.

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Free data for giffgaff members whilst we improve our data charging system.
by handy giff-staffer gaffer on 28-04-2011 09:11

giffgaff introduced charging for data (for members not taking a goodybag) on 4th April and since that time there have been a number of technical problems with the service. The problems have affected both the ability to start a data session and the throughput speed once a session has started.

Both types of problem have been traced to network components built for giffgaff by our network partner O2. We've been documenting the investigations here in our forum - but in summary O2 have isolated two separate technical issues and are working on solutions.

So I'd like to firstly apologise for any inconvenience we've caused our members and secondly to thank those members that highlighted the issues and helped us to isolate the cause.

We had hoped to be able to utilise work-arounds to keep charging in place until the fixes could be implemented in May but last week we experienced re-occurrence of the data session fault. As a result we decided that we could not confidently offer the quality of service we think our members deserve and have therefore decided to switch off charging for data whilst O2 fix the system.

Don't worry, the data service will still be available - its just that you won't be charged for using it! (as before when we had free data there will be a 100MB per day fair use policy)

We anticipate the fixes to be in towards the end of May and so have set a date for us to resume data charging on 1st June


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