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Saturday, 9 April 2011

giffgaff leads the MVNO movement into the voucher code market

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giffgaff, the community-led mobile network provider, has this week launched its own voucher codes scheme, making it the first MVNO on the market to embrace the trend that has taken millions of UK consumers by storm.

With the proven success of giffgaff’s community-led business model – over 35% of new members come through its member-get-member (MGM) scheme*, giffgaff is investing in the voucher code scheme to spread the word to a much a wider audience.

The wider voucher code market

The growth of voucher code sites comes second to that of price comparison sites, dominating 28% of market share in February 2011. Money-back sites and social shopping sites sit way below voucher code sites, but the latter is now showing very strong growth, since the launch of social shopping sites, such as Groupon.

To incentivise more consumers to join giffgaff, the voucher codes will be available on popular designated sites such as From here, consumers will be directed to the giffgaff website, where they can enter their code to join giffgaff, in return for £5 free credit – as well as the best deals on calls, texts and data browsing on the PAYG market.

Laura Przybek, giffgaff’s partnership manager comments on the launch: “giffgaff already runs an extremely successful member referral programme (MGM), which provides a large percentage of our monthly SIM activations. The aim of launching the voucher code scheme is to create a tool to expand this programme and to spread the word virally via larger communities, i.e. money saving expert, my voucher codes, – which have a combined audience of 10+million.”

A spokesperson said: “giffgaff is the first to the voucher code table out of all the MVNOs. They offer a different way of doing mobile and clearly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to utilising online media and helping community members to spread the word, in return for nice rewards. We’re expecting other MVNOs to follow giffgaff’s movement into voucher codes; it’s only a matter of time.”

Benefits to consumers

If new users choose to enter giffgaff’s voucher code, they will receive the best value deal available on the mobile market – there are truly unlimited options available, with no fair usage policies in place. For £10, voucher codes users can get £15 credit, which is worth:
1. 300 anytime minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet = one month £15 goodybag
2. Unlimited texts for three months = 3 x £5 goodybag
3. 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet = one month £10 goodybag and unlimited texts + one month 1x £5 goodybag
4. 187 PAYG minutes, or 375 texts and unlimited free giffgaff to giffgaff calls (without a goodybag)

giffgaff is leading the MVNO market

giffgaff is the first and only MVNO to launch a voucher code scheme in the UK, reason being that other MVNOs currently lack the capacity to do so. Within the UK only Vodafone has the capacity to enter codes at checkout – and these codes are only related to products with guaranteed spend.

About giffgaff’s ‘different’ mobile model

giffgaff launched in June 2010 as an online-only MVNO, and has grown a vast and strong community of tens of thousands, via its website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In its first year since launch into BETA (September 2009), giffgaff experienced a phenomenal increase in awareness, using only online marketing, social media and PR; a net promoter score on a par with Google and Apple; and a base of committed members who continue to save money through the value that giffgaff’s model provides.

* giffgaff’s MGM scheme encourages users to invite their friends and family to register, in return for Payback points, which translate into free credit, money or a donation to charity – it is unlike any other mobile network in the UK.


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