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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mobile Phone Photography Competition

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Mobile Phone Photography Competition
by jamesdn on 10-05-2011 14:11 - last edited on 10-05-2011 14:20 by david_m

Many people choose not to take up the hobby of photography for different reasons, whether it’s lack of time, no inspiration to do so or sometimes because they can’t afford a digital camera. Having never owned a digital camera myself, photography was never something of any interest to me, however with the progression of technology, having a camera built into my mobile phone has allowed me to explore this in greater depth.

These days it is unusual to find a new mobile phone handset without a digital camera function and the quality of some of these cameras in terms of advanced lenses, higher megapixels and increased storage space on the handset is quite incredible. In fact last year, the UK saw its first ever mobile phone photography course being introduced, demonstrating just how popular this activity has become, no doubt due to the increase in availability and affordability of camera phones.

In order to encourage more giffgaffers to enjoy the camera function on their phones and to share their results with others, I am pleased to announce a giffgaff mobile phone photography competition! The aim is for you to take pictures of anything that is of interest to you, whether it be animals, sculptures, anything you want to take a picture of (as long as it is appropriate for all to view, of course ). You can submit up to 3 images by posting them into a reply (you can check out boonitch’s excellent guide on how to post images if you’re unsure). I will then shortlist the 10 best pics and the winners will be voted for by the community.

The prizes up for grabs are 2000 payback points for 1st place, 1500 payback points for 2nd place and 1000 payback points for 3rd place.

The photographs must be taken using a mobile phone and not a digital camera or any other device. Therefore you will also need to post the name of the device you used to take the photo! Here are some mobile phone photography tips for you:

Avoid using the zoom facility as this can make your image appear pixelated, instead get up close as needed to your subject.
Keep still, try to keep your hands as still as possible to prevent blur.
Take lots of shots and don’t delete anything you think is not good – often the best pictures are those you’re not expecting to be any good.

You have until Monday 23rd May to submit your entries, so have fun and enjoy getting creative with your pictures, I look forward to seeing them

Full terms and conditions can be found on the giffgaff Facebook page, or by clicking here.


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