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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Product Update

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Product Update

by tom on 17-05-2011 17:15 - last edited on 17-05-2011 17:15

Some good news, today we have added 200 extra minutes to the £20 goodybag. So for £20 you now get 800 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet. We always try to give our members the best value we can and this increase makes it one of the most competitive £20 packages on the market.

But it wouldn’t be giffgaff if we didn’t get everyone involved, so last week on Twitter we asked our followers to tweet, #getmoregiffgaff and the more followers who mentioned it, the more minutes we’d add to the £20 goodybag. We did something similar on Facebookand it is proving a successful way for people to spread the word about giffgaff.

In other news and as many of you know, currently giffgaff doesn’t support the full range of Blackberry services (push e-mail, Blackberry web and BB Messenger). Across the Community, Facebook and Twitter we get almost daily requests and questions regarding Blackberry. As a result a project has kicked off to launch the functionality to get these services up and running. This project is already underway but it’s a significant piece of work and effects lots of different systems, so the likely launch date is in the summer. Once launched we can get all our Blackberry using friends to make the switch to giffgaff.

As the gaffer previously blogged, giffgaff members are getting free data while we improve the charging system. O2 (who's system we use for data charging) have isolated the problem and are working on fixing it, details on the history of the issue are here. The fix is taking more time than they thought to implement, so free data will now run until the 1st July (site changes will be made in due course).

Lastly, a source of much conversation and demand is a data only product and I can confirm that we are going to launch a data only goodybag. The work on data charging needs to be completed before we can build and launch it. Due to this, the data only product will go live when we have successfully implemented and are happy with how the data charging is working.

Hope you found the update useful.


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