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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hokey Cokey and much, much more

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Hokey Cokey and much, much more.
by tom on 23-06-2011 13:49 - last edited on 23-06-2011 13:49

Today we are making Hokey Cokey a permanent fixture in the products we offer. It’s our second most popular goodybag and as such, has earned its stripes to become a player in the permanent team.

We launched Hokey Cokey back in December last year, as our second Labs product, the aim was to give great value at £5 (with 60 UK minutes and 300 texts), as well as the unique element of receiving one free minute for every minute you received a call.

What does this mean for ‘Labs’? At the moment we are focused on building both the data only goodybag and Blackberry, which will launch in the summer. We therefore don’t currently have the man and woman power to bring out another Labs product, however we will have more in the future, so watch this space.

I can never seem to write a blog without talking about data, so true to form, we are on track to start charging for data (if you do not have a goodybag which includes unlimited data) from the 1st July…or are we? We are, however as the 1st is a Friday and charging for data is no way to end a week, we are implementing charging from the 4th July.
As giffgaff is all about keeping costs down, word of mouth is essential to getting our brand out considered when looking to switch mobile providers. We rely on members talking about us and helping to get new members on board.

We’ve recently given back over £250,000 in Payback to our members for helping out giffgaff members in the community and for helping giffgaff grow by connecting their friends. Some members may have experienced a few problems, which are being fixed, but we’re still really pleased to have so many members getting Payback.

One individual has taking connecting new members to a whole new level, Uzzyy has just reached his 1000th friend connection. At just 17 he looks like he’s shaping up to be the next Sir Alan Sugar. Congratulations for being the first to hit this significant milestone. Thank you for helping giffgaff grow – your professionalism and wiliness to help is much appreciated.

To make it easy for each member to recommend giffgaff and get rewarded for connecting new members, we’ve set up a range of tools – which means that any SIMs that are ordered via them, they’ll be rewarded £5. For more information about the tools available such as Banners and personalised order links, check out the Spread giffgaff page.


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