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Thursday, 21 July 2011

A chance to win an iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom

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A chance to win an iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom

by vincent on 21-07-2011 10:00 - last edited on 20-07-2011 17:31
Hi all,

As most of you know, our origami packaging is the most amazing type of packaging ever created!

However we have stumbled across two slight issues. The first is that unfortunately it is no longer cost effective for us to produce lots of handmade packages. Each of these needs to be folded correctly and packaged which adds time and cost which due to increasing demand (which is a good thing) is becoming unsustainable.

The second issue came to light last Christmas, when bladesman1889 came up with the idea to create some great Christmassy designs, in the hopes we could send out a seasonal flavoured envelope. A few of our other members also got excited about this and designed some fabulous looking envelopes. The cool looking examples below are by billycraig, emmlar and essexmate

As we liked these so much we looked into this back then and found to our chagrin we were unable to actually use these designs.

However, behind the scenes we never did not stop there as the effort that was put in by our community members was much appreciated and ever since we have been looking into the possibility of being able to quickly and nimbly change the design on our packaging, and not just for Christmas, but as a fun way to incorporate more of your talent and ideas on an ongoing basis.

And as we found out, this is unfortunately not possible with our current origami format. So in order for us to be able to do this we have been looking at the other options available to us and after a long and hard search and speaking with many different companies we are delighted to announce that have found a printer that is able to change what is printed on the envelope almost instantly (well, instantly for a printer that is ). However, this did mean leaving our original origami envelope behind and going for a more standard C5 envelope. Although now we can make them look different with cool and original designs.

So this is where you come in. To kick off our ability to change the design on the packaging as and when we want, we would like to open up a competition to you all. The task is to design an innovative and creative style of packaging to keep up with the giffgaff image. In return you have a chance of bagging yourself an iPad 2 or a Motorola Xoom, something similar and the chance to be awarded the kudos of having your name on the packaging.

To take part in the competition you will need to design a new a envelope using the template provided below (click next to the little paperclip icon below). You can be as creative as you want The contents of your envelope will be a sim card and a leaflet. Although we're concentrating for this competition on the envelope only.

Please be aware that the final file needs to be provided in pdf format. Your pack needs to be submitted as a response to this blog and the deadline is in two weeks today, so the 3rd of August. Good luck and have fun with it

PS. We will be happy to receive new designs after this competition closes and on a continuous basis but it's only during this competition that anyone can win an iPad 2 or equivalent! After this, it's just for fun and the coolness of creating an envelope for giffgaff and your design getting used. We just wanted to kick the fact that we can now do this off with a bang

For full Terms & Conditions, please click this.



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