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Thursday, 28 July 2011

giffgaff a force for positive change

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giffgaff a force for positive change
by tom on 28-07-2011 10:05 - last edited on 28-07-2011 10:12

giffgaff wants to be a force for positive change. giffgaff is disruptive and believes in mutuality and helping out. giffgaff does things differently, be that online customer service, the Ideas board, Payback or the way we spread the word about all things giffgaff.

At giffgaff one of our core values is the collective good. giffgaff has a positive environmental and social stance. This has previously taken the form of Payback, denotations to charities, our second hand office furniture, our (very old) office and a belief that people should unlock and re-use their existing (or second hand) handsets. We do however believe we should be doing more.

We want to get people talking. To do this, sometimes, the subject needs to be interesting and a little different. It must however at all times stick to our core principles, which make giffgaff what it is.

We have a new idea we are working that combines all these things. At giffgaff we try different things and this idea will appeal to both a new and existing audience of people to get them to join giffgaff and help continue to grow our thriving business. It'll also give you, our members, something very different to spread the word about.

Off to talk to some people about the idea...will let you know how I get on.

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