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Monday, 22 August 2011

£500 up for grabs for a cool facebook game

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£500 up for grabs for a cool facebook game
by vincent on 19-08-2011 15:16 - last edited on 19-08-2011 15:16

Hi everyone,

As you might know we are working very hard on releasing a range of data only goodybags, which we think will be ideal to use with tablets, possibly for tethering or for those who just want to browse with their phone.

I will be able to release more details about these in about 4 weeks time, so no specifics yet. Sorry, we're still finalising pricing and launch dates. There is a lot of feedback to go through in the community and we will be looking to ask for your feedback on the Ts&Cs attached to these as well in about 4 weeks, so keep an eye out for that thread then).

We’re planning to make them as straightforward as possible so it's easy to understand just what your limit is and how much data you’ve got left. To mark the occasion we would like to build a game to sit on our Facebook page and we're hoping someone in our community will enjoy creating something cool for all of us to play with.

The game should be:

Preferably as straightforward as possible
And somehow show that with giffgaff data only goodybags you don’t need to worry about knowing how much data allowance is.

Tech specs:
A Flash game (built with Flash 9)
It will go live on FaceBook so it must fit within the canvas (max 760px width)
And it should not request permission for user data (should be self-contained).
I know it might be a bit of a long shot, but who knows, there might be a Flash wiz amongst us that I don't know about

As a thank you, the best game that is submitted will get £500 worth of gift vouchers.

Please see our Facebook page for all Terms and Conditions. Or follow this link.

Cheers all,


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