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Friday, 12 August 2011

giffgaff, the egg and spoon race

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giffgaff, the egg and spoon race

bytom on 11-08-201115:27 - last edited on 11-08-201115:29

To support Unlock a phone, Unlock a Chicken and for 5 minutes of fun, we thought we’d have a Free range egg and spoon race. Sadly, a few eggs got broken but the majority will go in to Omelettes (let us know if you have any good recipes).

Ready, steady...

Congratulations to Claire for clocking up the fastest time and clearly showing she has the greatest ability to balance an egg on a spoon across 100 meters.

After a quick Google - The Sun report it’s the most popular sports days event and give some tips on how to win. Wish I'd seen these before taking part.

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