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Thursday, 8 September 2011

giffgaff office open day

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giffgaff office open day
by uzzyy on 08-09-2011 12:02

Hey Guys!

Last Thursday (1st September), I went on a little day out - a nice change from being in busy Birmingham!

You must be thinking, ‘so, where did you go?’ Well I paid a visit to the one and only giffgaff offices in Beaconsfield!

It took me almost two hours to get there but it was worth the journey. All I have to say is that I absolutely loved it!

What I expected is actually what I saw in reality. giffgaff is based in the heart of Beaconsfield old town in the Old Rectory! I believe that the offices actually represented giffgaff's own strong sense of culture and identity.

When I arrived at giffgaff, I saw Tobias outside who greeted me very well and then welcomed me inside where I went on a meeting with Laura and the rest of the team (even the Gaffer who thanked me for all my hard work!!!). I got to see where all the magic happens!

Of course everyone had questions to ask me about how I recruit so many people over to giffgaff, which I answered with the best of my ability. As for me, it’s not about receiving payback, but it’s about actually spreading the word of GG and helping the network grow. The payback is a nice gesture which I will be saving to go towards my university fee's next year

Laura gave me a guided tour of the offices, where I got a warm and open feeling about the space because it’s a nice relaxed working environment and as previously mentioned, it is different and unique from the rest – not forgetting, everyone that works at giffgaff . They are very nice and friendly people!

Lunch time! I had lunch at the Swan with Laura, Claire, Vincent, Joe & Kapil. Nice food I must say! If any of you are ever in Beaconsfield, fly by!

After lunch, I spent some quality time with the educators which was great because I saw the team at work, educating and helping out members!

I then stayed at the offices until about 5:30. I then got a lift from Victoria to High Wycombe train station which was very kind and meant I only had to catch one train back to Birmingham; otherwise I would have to catch a train from Beaconsfield to High Wycombe then from High Wycombe to Birmingham! Thanks Victoria

In my opinion, giffgaff is by far the best mobile network out there and not just because of the payback but because of the way that it works bringing us (the customers) the best and competitive deals that we can get. giffgaff is an innovative mobile model of the future thriving on breaking new ground and being different from the rest

I would like to thank everyone at the giffgaff offices for the opportunity as it was a great experience, especially Claire & Laura for co-ordinating a date with me to come down

If i ever get the opportunity I’d go again and maybe if in the future if I’m lucky, actually work for giffgaff !

Carry on what you’re doing giffgaff, and thank you once again for everything!

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