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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

goodies round up, how our members can get the best from giffgaff

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goodies round up, how our members can get the best from giffgaff
by clairekav on 31-08-2011 12:25 - last edited on 02-09-2011 15:28

We try as much as possible to ensure you are getting the best from what is available at giffgaff – during the giffgaff goodies competition we set 6 weekly tasks with incentives to encourage members to complete each task.

We had an overwhelming response to each task – and we're delighted to award over 2000 prizes to our members.

Here is a quick summary of the weekly tasks and what they mean to our members and giffgaff:

Spread giffgaff: An important part of giffgaff is word of mouth advertising, we rely heavily on our members spreading the word - using a range of personalised tools.

Benefit to members: When a SIM is ordered through their personalised order link, their friend receives £5 when they join and the member gets £5 payback. Plus as giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts are free (so long as you’ve topped up at least £10 in the past 3 months) it gives them each long lasting value.

Benefit to giffgaff: We can spend less on advertising and as we know members joining through their friends are more likely to stay, we can spend less on acquiring new members

Community: Our community is so essential to giffgaff’s success, but it isn't just about answering member queries on average in under 2 minutes 24/7 365 days of the year – we look to our community to provide ideas, improvements, discuss changes, vote on polls which delivers new content, plus keep us entertained through generating content – videos, applications etc.

Benefit to members: Someone is always on hand to answer questions, 24/7. Members can influence the direction of the company and help make improvements that everyone benefits from.

Benefit to giffgaff: By having our members involved in almost all aspects of our business, we can keep our team lean, which obviously saves money plus we get the benefit of having a diverse range of opinions and pool of creative talent to work with.

Easy top-up: Topping up can be a bit of a chore, so making it super simple to top-up through auto top-up and topping up via their mobile, makes it easier for our members ensure they’ve always got credit.

Benefits to members: Auto top-up is the simplest way to top up, whenever your balance drops below £3 you’re topped up by the amount you specified (up to the max times per month you specified). Mobile top up via gives you a mobile friendly version of the top-up page so you can always top up on the go.

Benefits to giffgaff: The easier we make it for you to top-up the more likely you are to stay with giffgaff.

Settings sorted: As we don’t sell handsets, getting your phone giffgaffed is the first step in getting on board. We’ve tried to make it simple for our members to get their phones fully functioning with giffgaff. Our Unlockapedia page helps people unlock their handsets which is sometimes the first step when changing networks. Our Help section includes step by step guides to setting up Picture Messaging (MMS) and mobile internet.

Benefits to members: Our members finding the information they need to get their phone up and running quickly helps them save time. Plus with MMS and mobile internet working it’s handy.

Benefits to giffgaff: When members can use all our services, they’re more likely to stay.

Keep your number: Keeping an old phone number is essential for a lot of people, so ensuring that is a smooth and easy process for our members is important.

Benefits to members: With only one number to worry about, those that have transferred their number are getting the best value as their spend isn’t split between more than one mobile network. Plus their friends and family will continue to be able to contact them.

Benefits to giffgaff: Members who transfer their number when they join giffgaff are more likely to stay as they’re getting the best value (ie not splitting their spend between giffgaff and their old network, just to keep the old number going)

Goodybag’s: Each month we send our members a recommended plan (on or around the 5th of each month), advising which plan is the best for each member to help them work out the best deal for them. Goodybag’s give our members the best value, with bundles of minutes, texts and mobile internet that last a whole month.

Benefits to members: Members who are on goodybag’s are saving money. As most members on goodybag’s use us as their main number, they are giving themselves the best deal.

Benefits to giffgaff: As members on goodybag’s are most likely to get the best value, they’re more likely to stay with giffgaff.

So that’s it, giffgaff's first big competition over and done with. We gave away over £20,000 in prizes, with over 2,000 winners, many more members have benefited by doing some or all of these 6 tasks over the last 6 weeks – which in turn has helped giffgaff grow.
Thanks to everyone who participated, congratulations to all the winners! Watch this space, we’ll be sorting out another short competition for you all over the next few months.

Note: All voucher winners have received their vouchers/they're in the post - congratulations again to our main prize winners who must have been wearing extra lucky socks that week: Kieran2203, Emma2544, Leezo1, Jbagshaw, Mittenpie and Scottyburto who received £1500 each in vouchers.

Smaller prize winners will receive their prize towards the end of September, if you're a winner make sure your contact details are up to date we don't want your prize going missing in the post. More details here.

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