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Saturday, 22 October 2011

More changes at

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More changes at
by kimatgiffgaff on 21-10-2011 11:05 - last edited on 21-10-2011 17:39

The data only goodybags release brought a bunch of new changes into You may have already noticed a few but here goes the full list:

Home Page
You'll see a new carousel slide about Data only + right at the bottom of the page you'll find a few links to guide new visitors across the site. This is a usability best practice feature we were missing plus it will help us improve our positions on Google organic for some of the keywords listed.

SIM Order Page
Quite a few changes there. We had discussed in the forum a few weeks ago the opportunity of introducing PAF (Postal Address File) validation in our forms, however the call we were making was a complete mess and have had to end up postponing it to our next release. Probably the most important change we made yesterday is not visible, it's more in the CMS (Content Management System). As Marketers we can now tweak our SIM order without having to wait for a release. We've already got around 20 different SIM order pages which we link from each one of our online campaigns, now we will be able to tweak and A/B test them to make sure we get better conversions. The first test we'll be doing is a bit random, but just FYI these are the 2 pages we'll be A/B testing next week:

Our Offer
Those who had been to Our Offer before will not recognize it much as it has completely changed. Goodybags are the main reason why our members join and a price comparison on our tariffs also goes well to show how much value you get at giffgaff. Below fold, Payback, gigabags and MicroSIM. Thanks to all the job that @green65 has been doing on Microgaff, we are comfortable as a business to address our MicroSIM distribution via the community & Microgaff. We are still too small to justify the production of microSIMs ourselves, which is why we thought this alternative is a good solution, and most importantly community lead. For all of you who are subscribed to this program it's going to mean a big bunch of new member get member orders.

Goodybags, Top-up, and Activation page
Many changes here too. Starting from the most visual ones, we've got a +1 button per goodybag together with Likes and Tweets. BTW, it's amazing to see how the £10 goodybag alone has already reached 2,000 likes in just a few months. Because of this we have placed the £10 goodybag in first position, moving the £5 Hokey Cokey next to £5 ultd texts one. Another relevant change to these set of pages is the introduction of a tab which will be splitting the presentation of our goodbags. gigabags are in the data plans tab. Activation and top-up will present the same environment, however to avoid some confusions recently generated we are showing an intro text that tells you what you need to do in that page.

My giffgaff
Even more changes here. You will notice in My account that if you only have one goodybag we will be inviting you to buy a second one. We noticed that very few members know about this feature, so decided to experiment to see if it has a bit more pick-up. You'll also find a few visual changes on My details page. That was one of the ugliest pages we had on the site, so glad to have done a bit of cleaning there. And yes, you can now remove newsfeeds! Bug solved

The team
The team is growing quicker than the time we have to make changes. We still need to get a few more team members on this page, but as you can see, we are also growing.

These are the most visible changes in portal, however as @Cameron described in the outage thread there are many more changes in the backend that would help improve your experience at giffgaff.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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