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Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Poll Results: Bonfire Night

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Friday Poll Results: Bonfire Night
by giffgaff Educator the_joseph on 11-11-2011 11:32

This week we asked what you were doing, if anything, to celebrate the 5th of November - Bonfire night.

The results were explosive!

Storming the houses of parliament with barrels of gunpowder were the 34% of you who were staying in.

However if you add together those who did see fireworks, and also add together those who didn't - the results were much closer - 52 went saw fireworks of some description, and 58 didn't.

If you add the visual fireworks of V for Vendetta to the 52, then seeing fireworks win out.

But then again that would be bad statistics :smileytongue:

Next weeks poll:
In June we donated £5607.50 to Help for Heroes as a combination of charitable donations from peoples paybacks and giffgaff matching it (thanks to the 1184 people who donated). As today is Armistice day, it is fitting that we open up the voting for the charity that will be donated to this year. Look out for the poll on the main community page!

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