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Thursday, 3 November 2011

How to Build an App

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How to Build an App
by zerodudex333 on 02-11-2011 17:26 - last edited on 02-11-2011 17:39

Mobile apps and games have become very popular, and have helped to make some companies with innovative ideas a good income.

But what makes a good app?

Here I've listed my main pointers for good apps and also will explain an easy way for small businesses to make their own apps, regardless of coding experience.

1. Reliability And Compatibility

What use is an app which ends up freezing every time you try to load a certain page on an application?

This can make users neglect the App, even if the idea of it is something worthwhile. And there is nothing worse than an application that crashes and you have no idea what caused it because there was not enough testing.

Rushing the App to get it released as soon as possible is a no-go, If you are wanting to make an App which users are going to use regularly, you are going to need to iron out all those glitches and bugs.

For small businesses and personal use, perhaps ask colleagues or friends and family to be 'Beta-Testers'.

This way they may spot something problematic with the app that you missed out, the more the merrier, just make sure you have enough time to look through the Issues that your DIY-Beta testers have spotted for you.

To make the most use out of it, your app should be tested in various conditions, try it with WiFi, try it with your network connection, also if you want more download hits, you are going to want to make sure that all the major Phone companies have been tested too.

(Apple Products, Windows Phones, Android, Etc.)

2. Audience

A very important thing to think about is audience. If you are making this app for a business, this is especially important.

what is your product for? Are you creating an App to sell a product, or direct an audience to a specific location, or website?

The 'Genre' Of your App may seem unimportant at first, But that little bit of information could end up giving you no success for the main purpose of the App, even if your Application receives 1000's of downloads.

3. Functionality and Originality

If you are going to make a generic App, chances are there are already 100's of the same Application, which are all going to appear before yours in the app store when a possible Customer comes looking for something to treat his or her new


Also, be careful about pricing.

You can't expect someone to pay for something that he or she can get elsewhere for free, if you are going to put a cost onto your App, make sure it's worth the price.

4. Adverts

Although adverts could provide you with a little revenue, people could be turned down by frustrating ads getting in the way of an otherwise perfectly handy application.

A good example of this is Angry Birds for Android, some Android phones end up freezing because of the strain of trying to load those silly little ads..

In my personal opinion, If you are to expect to make money from your Application, focus on leading your audience to a product or service, instead of bombarding their systems with adverts which chances are they aren't even interested in anyway.

5. Splash Screen and Catching App Description

If you are expecting any downloads straight from an appstore, make sure to 'Buy' your customers with a Well-thought out description, and a good couple of impressive screenshots to prove your apps functionality.

Hopefully, My opinions have helped anyone who is interested in making a mobile application theirselves 

How To make your own App:

Conduit Mobile:

I've found a very useful browser based application creator, which has it's own developers portal for anyone wishing To code In Html, Javascript Etc.

But if you do not have any skills in Html OrJavascript, this website is probably perfect for you, you can create your own apps and import your own graphics, and Include your facebook fan page, Youtube channel Etc.

Also a nifty little feature can 'Slice' a part of a web-page to stick straight into your App!

This website is still in beta stage, so watch out for those pesky little Gremlins,

But other than that, the only downside is a limit in features for those that don't know how to use Html And Javascript Etc.

Check that one out here:

If you plan to make an app on here, there are handy guides on the site to help get your app onto application marketplaces, and can Also Create a tablet Version of your app too.

App Mobi:

There are various versions of this app to download, which will be added directly as a Google Chrome browser App.

This application creator is only for those with coding knowledge, but if you wanted to learn, there are lots of tutorials by their community on their website

Watch a Video here to learn more

Check out Appmobi's Youtube Channel

I hope you guys have found this Useful

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