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Friday, 2 December 2011

Paying back time again - get your hands on Payback

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Paying back time again - get your hands on Payback

by handy giff-staffer clairekav on 01-12-2011 14:32

It's Payback time again! giffgaff's chance to pay back members who have helped giffgaff grow over the past 6 months.

Each payback we put it to our members to nominate worthy causes and then place their vote for the recipient of donated points, we're pleased to announce the Community chosen Charity this time is Macmillan cancer support. Previous paybacks giffgaff has matched the donations made by members via Payback, we'll do the same this time round too.

Members have until midnight 12th December to let us know how they would like their points paid back to them.

Some key dates in the Payback calendar:

5th December: Your FINAL points tally will be displayed. Prior to this date your points will only display your points earned up until 31st October

Midnight 6th December: If you select credit prior to this date you'll be in line to get an early credit payment - we'll be processing the payments in order of when you made your selection ie if you selected credit yesterday, you'll be in line before the member who makes their choice tomorrow.

8th December: Those that selected credit early, will start receiving credit payments, it will take several days to process all the payments, we'll keep the Payback timings.

Midnight 12th December: Selection window closes.

13th December: Remaining credit payments start to be processed, PayPal payments start to be made, Charity donation amount announced.

22nd December: All done and dusted, phew.

Next Payback period: Well that's already begun 1st December until end of May 2012...

Just a few quick Q&A's - just in case this is your first time getting paid back to help point you in the right direction:

What is Payback?
giffgaff believes in mutuality - so when members help us grow by introducing friends and family, or help out in the community by answering questions, developing new ideas or creating applications we reward them through Payback.

How do I know if I have points? Your points are displayed in My giffgaff - PLEASE NOTE: your final points tally will be updated on Monday 5th December. The current balances are displaying points earned from 1st June until 31st October.

How do I get my points paid back to me? Twice a year giffgaff pays back it's members who've earned points, in June and in December. For full information about timings for this Decembers payback please see this Post: Payback timings.

What are my choices?: You can select Cash via PayPal (if you've earned £10 or more) - handy if you're online Christmas shopping this year! Credit, or Donation to Charity (which we'll match and donate to Macmillan cancer support on your behalf)

Make my selection: It's nice and easy, before midnight 12th Dec - head to My giffgaff - on the left-hand side under account information. You'll be presented with 3 options, and you just follow the instructions.

Once you've made your choice, you'll see your choice under My giffgaff - you're able to change this up until midnight 6th December.

From 6th December until midnight 12th December, your selection is final, it isn't possible to change it.

When do I get my payback? We close the selection window at midnight 12th December, and we start processing Payback payments from the 13th December. As there are several thousand payments to be made - it can take several days for all the payments to clear. For more information please see the Payback timings post.

This time, there is the opportunity to get your Payback a little earlier - if you select Credit prior to midnight 6th December - we'll start processing those payments from th 8th December... so you could get your payback a little earlier if you fancy.

I'm not sure I have the right points what should I do? Your final points tally will be displayed from around mid-day 5th December - please see the Payback timings post for more information.

And that's it, happy choosing everyone!

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