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Friday, 16 December 2011

Your 5 a day {16th of December}

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Your 5 a day {16th of December}
by zobia22 on 16-12-2011 13:28 - last edited on 16-12-2011 13:30

5 a day is a daily thread/blog giving you 5 juicy links to entertain, teach or share. Every Saturday - Thursday in Off-Topic and every Friday on the Blog. 4pm!

1. I love this: Click the link - click!

2. Facebook Timeline Launch of the Day: Facebook’s new Timeline profile view, first unveiled back in September, is now available to all users. Timeline includes a log of all your activity on Facebook, going back to the day you signed up, plus new privacy settings that let you feature or hide individual photos, status messages and other updates (which are now called “stories”). The new profile will begin with a seven-day trial, to give users time to hide or delete anything they don’t want in their timelines. When your timeline is ready, you can publish it manually. If you don’t, it will go live as-is at the end of the seven days.

3. Because it's the time of year and Vadar Conducts? It's more like controls them.. Bahah.. He uses the force, ya know?

4. Nice to see the world has it's priorities in order!

5. Let the bodies hit the floor Kudos to the guy owning that patch of ice at the end. Hot of the presses, posted just a few minutes ago.

Here's the form to submit amazing links if you want to take part (please remember to leave your username) and here's the archive. Check out yesterday's 5 a day here.

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