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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The 'giffgaff illegal theatre'

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The 'giffgaff illegal theatre'
by handy giff-staffer tom on 19-04-2011 09:06 - last edited on 19-04-2011 10:58

Having an unlocked handset is vital if you want to join giffgaff. We recently carried out a questionnaire with the public and it showed that 1 in 3 people are confused about the legality of unlocking a mobile handset. Of course we know that it isn’t illegal and want to make sure that everyone else knows that too.

We are currently working on a new section of the site, an ‘Unlockipedia’ which will be a one stop shop for all information on unlocking handsets however we also wanted to bring this subject to life in a way that only giffgaff could.

So, may I introduce you to, the ‘giffgaff illegal theatre’, here you’ll see that ‘Unlocking your mobile phone isn’t illegal. But this is...’.

After spending a little time on YouTube, we found a few choice videos that show illegal activity, from a driving enthusiast who mimics Mario Kart on the streets of Paris, to a group of motorway sandal surfers.

We made some videos of our own (with a man wearing a box…and why not), to provide commentary on the unfolding action, highlighting that many activities are illegal, but unlocking a mobile phone is not.

Sounds a bit random but intriguing? To be honest it is and hopefully these videos will highlight this serious issue in an interesting way.

Take a look and if you like it share it with your friends. You can see them here or on our Facebook page.



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