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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Educators: Three Months On

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Educators: Three Months On
by hazel22 on 05-07-2011 09:00 - last edited on 05-07-2011 09:44

Can you believe it's going so fast? Seems like only a week ago giffgaff announced the use of Educators over Moderators. A unique cubed approach to community management, customer service and business/member transparency in the industry.

A few of you will be familiar with us but for those that aren't - here's the team
Hazel22: Studied English; Educator Agony Aunt. Into asian dramas and social good.
The_Joseph: Studied Chemistry; Educator Superhero. Into airsofting and flying.
Tobias_b: Studied Psychology; Educator to the stars. Into bike riding and festivals.
Zobia22: Studied New Media Journalism. Educator with fierce fashion. Into blogging and pop culture.
A few joint interests we often talk about are comics (All agreed that Marvel beats DC in any fight), films, community and games.

So what have we been upto?
The Educator team has been online for a total of 109 days and sent nearly 6000 PMs to members (not including the welcome message), educating and getting to know you. During our time here we've read almost 300,000 of your posts. Constantly hearing your feedback and taking that back to the different members of the giffgaff team here in Beaconsfield and agents. Continuing to promote 2 way conversation and transparency between the business and you wonderful members.

We've helped the Monthly Content Report come into existence and been there for members to bounce ideas off of us for threads such as the 'Random Acts of Kindness', 'What's your uplifting playlist?' and the 'Guide to maximise your payback for newbies'. For new users we've worked together with you to create the Welcome Message and we've been a part of your focus groups for quite a few member led projects. Trust me, there's some exciting stuff coming soon!

On a more serious note - we've been flagging up issues for the agents to pick up daily and spending a lot of time private messaging members who need a little extra education in forum netiquette - helping the forum stay the friendly, constructive, helpful place it is.

Joe personally oversaw and packed your '1000 posts' T-shirts, as well as bringing in the signature size limit (in response to your feedback) and the re-animation of a certain hip thrusting hound dog!

As well as all this over time we've been reaching and talking to members where they prefer to be on the internet; other forums, twitter, wordpress, Google+ and facebook. Making sure that every great post, awesome attitude and innovative idea gets recognition and in some cases rewarded.

As this role has evolved in the last 3 months - it's become clear that we're enablers. We enable you to self-moderate by actioning your reports. We enable you to have the information you need to make apps or infographics. Enable you to have the prizes for a competition you might want to run. Enable you to reach a specific member of the giffgaff team with your opinion. Enable your ideas by giving you the tools you need. Enable you to host that online giffgaff live event *hint hint, nudge nudge* and enable you to feel appreciated for all your awesomeness.

And in return, we've seen a lot of positivity come our way - thank you all for your kindness, it's much appreciated by every Educator.

Over and Out.

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