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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Transferring your mobile number is easy

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Transferring your mobile number is easy
by clairekav on 04-07-2011 13:11 - last edited on 04-07-2011 13:26

Watching a recent BBC article about the Orange and Vodafone price increases, you could be mistaken in thinking that consumers are stuck with their current provider as the transfer process is hard, Mark Newman from Informa told the BBC “You can take your number with you but it's a fairly complex process for people not used to changing numbers... and you might have to put up with it."

It's not hard, it's super simple - typically it can be arranged by the following working day - you certainly don't need to put with anything.

Ofcom has recently pushed networks to improve the time it takes for consumers to change their number over. It used to be that you could be left waiting up to 5 days just to receive your PAC code (the code required to transfer your number over) - you now will receive it within 1 working day and you could have your number transferred over by the following working day.

Consumers more than ever can take advantage of the choices available and keeping their phone number has never been easier or faster.

Taking your number with you, the process is simple:
1) Ask your current provider for a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code)

2) Give that code to your new provider (transfer your old number to giffgaff here)

3) Typically your number can be transferred the following day, you’ll experience a loss of service on your transfer day – so pick a day that it is most convenient for you.

Things to remember:
If you're thinking about transferring your mobile number - here's a couple of things to remember which will help make the process even smoother:

1) Save your contacts: Save your contacts to your phone. Sometimes your contact details etc are saved to the SIM, save these to your phone so you don’t lose any information once your number has transferred over.

2) On transfer day, you’ll not have service for a bit: For a period of time on your transfer day, one/ both your numbers will not work - this will be from around 9am and can be up to 6 hours, typically it is just a couple of hours. So pick a day where this is less of an inconvenience for you.

3) Before your contract expires: Ask for your PAC code before your service is terminated (ie before your contract expires).

4) You’ve got 30 days to use your PAC code: Your code is valid for a 30 day period, if it isn’t used (ie given to another provider) it will expire and you’ll have to ask your old provider for another one.

5) Ofcom can help if your provider refuses: There are very few cases where a service provider can refuse you a PAC code, Ofcom lists some of these here.

(more info about Transferring your number here).

Where to get a PAC code:
Clearly we hope you’ll stay – but we’ve made it super simple for you if you do choose to leave - to request your PAC code call 43430 from your handset, or click on this request form.

Here is a quick table of numbers the top mobile providers:

0845 412 5000
0845 412 5000

07973 100 450
07973 100 150

0844 809 0222
0844 809 0202

08700 776655
08700 700 191

3 Mobile
0843 373 3333
0843 373 3333

Asda Mobile
0845 303 2732



Hopefully this little summary outlines how simple it can be to keep your number - just in case you're currently reviewing your options.

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