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Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Poll: Glastonbury - Is it a muddy mess or is it a musical bonanza?

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Friday Poll: Glastonbury - Is it a muddy mess or is it a musical bonanza?
by david_m on 01-07-2011 09:57

As Glastonbury festivals go 2011 had it all, fab music, the usual mud, nice sunshine, but best of all some of the music industries best artists all appearing live.

A huge highlight of this years festival was U2 appearing for the first time. Performances and sets from BB King, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Pulp and of course, Beyonce all grabbed the headlines.

For those who go frequently to the Glastonbury festivals you'll know it is about much more than music. The non-musical thrills for this year came from of the immense Wheel of Death, which pitted man and machine against gravity, the weird and wonderful joys of the circus and cabaret fields and the Mexican wrestling in the Gaymer’s Cider tent.

With no festival next year, it’s going to be a long 24-month wait until the 2013 event, but fear not, tickets are already up for sale on the official Glastonbury site and if it’s a patch on this year’s it will be well worth booking in advance.

So now that it all over, and with our poll closed asking 'what you thought of this years festival' its time to reveal the results.....

Next weeks poll: RAOK Badge Competition.

On the back of trudiw's fab Happiness Campaign came the idea of Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK) from thewordsworth and as part of his project came a need to create the ROAK badge to be awarded by members to members.

So this weeks poll gives us all the opportunity to vote on the final 15 entries to select a winning badge for the community. All of the 15 entry badges may been seen here on this dedicated thread. Please note the number of your chosen badge and place your vote on the poll.

Remember, if you want your voice to be heard, make your vote count!


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