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Friday, 30 September 2011

Best iPhone apps

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Best iPhone apps
by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg on 29-09-2011 10:13

As you probably know Apple reached a significant milestone at the beginning of 2011, with app downloads hitting 10 billion – you can no doubt guess the top downloaded app…yup, Facebook!

We asked you to tell us about the best iPhone apps you use, and had quite a variety, ranging from practical iPhone apps, such as Teamviewer (thanks xan ) to social media and gaming apps. So here’s a list of what our community consider some of the best iPhone apps around and a bit about what they can do– take a look and see what you think.

Other than the more obvious Social Media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, our community liked:

TuneIn radio – Allows you to listen to online radio, music and talk stations. It allows you to access 50,000 radio stations from across the world. You can browse by music genre, and the tabs direct you to the content you want – including Sports, Talk and Music. The app will even allow you to save your favourite station or songs and with a free account you can then access this information from your phone/computer or in the car, wherever you are.

Harbour Master – Use the swipe action to safely guide your boats into the harbour. Once in the harbour, you then have to wait for them to unload their cargo before guiding them safely back out of the harbour, but make sure you avoid hitting other boats! There are different sized boats and the speed and chaos increase quite quickly within the game demanding a slightly more strategic approach. There are online leaderboards, so you can see how you’ve done as well as some additional challenges thrown in for excitement. According to Shrewd ‘an excellent game to waste time with’.

Sky Go - Watch your favourite Sky sports and more across a number of devices on the go. It’s free for Sky TV customers, all you need to do is create a username and password and off you go!

Infinity Blade – An award winning app not only for design (Apple Design Awards) and more than 20 ‘Game of the year’ and ‘Top apps’ awards. As you’d expect the graphics are pretty amazing on this game, basically it’s a alien fighting game, with your opponents getting increasingly more difficult to beat. shortylumber ‘Costs a bit and is just repetitive but still good’.

Whatsapp – Available for iPhone, Androind, Blackberry and Nokia, this is a cross-platform messaging app which can be downloaded via iTunes and is free.

My eyes only – Keeps private information secure – including credit cards, passwords and personal information. The app works on both the iPhone and Ipod touch and boasts some pretty hefty encryption:
• 512 bit AES encryption for small entry fields, like passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers.
• 256 bit AES encryption for the Notes field in Logins, Financial and Other categories.
The encrypted information is protected by a password

Amazon UK – Again this app can be used on both the iPhone and iPod Touch, and you can use it to access an existing basket, wish list, payment and delivery settings, order history and more, making shopping from your phone on Amazon super easy and super quick!

CityMaps2go – This is a navigation app offering SEARCH offline and free unlimited map downloads. There are currently over 550 city maps throughout the world available, with more being added all the time. If you are missing a city or need a larger map, you can apparently request help and receive it within days. This application does require WiFi – and if you’re downloading maps must be on WiFi.

Idownloads+ is a download manager, find out all about Idownloads+

Mediaburner – this app allows you to watch/download Music Video, Film & Animation, TV Show, and videos from YouTube.

See the full list of iPhone apps from the community. Don’t forget to share your favourite iPhone app(s) in the comments below!

Happy app-ing

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