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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken update

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Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken update
by handy giff-staffer tom on 27-09-2011 10:25 - last edited on 27-09-2011 10:25

A little while ago, we launched a new initiative, Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken. We wanted to do something for the collective good, helping out Wood Green, The Animals Charity – and, as we’re all about freeing people from needlessly expensive and long contracts, unlocking chickens seemed a good parallel.

Firstly it was amazing to receive so much positive feedback from our members, who really got behind the cause. Members created graphics, QR codes, Twitter hashtags, took part in the Chicken competition, a Friday poll and of course spread the word about giffgaff and Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

In a month we freed nearly a 1000 chickens, through people ordering a SIM on Chicken advertising or getting a SIM through our Facebook page.

As the map above shows, many of them have been rehomed at farms and homes across the south east, and they’re doing well, by all reports. Here are a few quotes from their new owners:

"Lovely pets; very happy and friendly"

"Would recommend keeping chickens, it’s lovely to have the fresh eggs"

"The hens are improving well, their feathers are growing back"

"Our neighbours are going to go to Wood Green to rehome chickens too"

"We will be going back to Wood Green to re-home more hens"

It was also really successful in our Social Media channels. Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken, drove higher than normal interactions, comments and Likes, which is great to see given the good cause.

We are thinking of what we can do in the future, so watch this space. And thanks once again for all the amazing support.


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