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Thursday, 20 October 2011

giffgaff iPhone app

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giffgaff iPhone app
by confidence on 17-10-2011 15:51 - last edited on 18-10-2011 16:39 by vincent


My name is confidence (at least on the forums) I'm not incredibly active here, but I'm quite active outside it. I'm basically just a standard giffgaff member, somewhere between 18-25, going to a university, studying a maths degree in my unspare time.

If you are on an iPhone and giffgaff then the chances are you used the "my giffgaff" app.

I made it .

The my giffgaff iPhone app has been around since 20/07/10.

It started out as quite a simple way to view your goody bags on your iPhone without having to always login, and navigate to your balance on your mobile safari.

It has since grown to include a fully functional top up feature, a spread the word feature (even when gg members got 50 points for emailing friends.. remember that?) and a mobile formatted community that automatically logs you in, So you can keep up to date with all things giffgaff and lend a hand to fellow members whenever you need.

One of the main points that makes my giffgaff stand out from other networks is that it is not actually created by the company, but a humble member…( And it has more features… looks for a better network… yadayada...)

It has been downloaded over 18,000 times to date!

But it has had many ups and downs. One of the disadvantages of not being with the company meant that the app would sometimes break when the site was updated (as it had to use some scraping techniques due to a lack of a more stable option). But we've pulled through and are on the horizon for v2.0.

On V1.9 we are lacking a few features, and there have been a few nasty bugs (apologies) But the app has undergone a massive reworking, it will soon be using the giffgaff api for some of the information it retrieves and is now set up so that the rules it uses for scraping are dynamically up-dateable i.e can be changed without having to update the app.. (so no more updates to the website breaking the app)..

What to look forward to in V2.0
-swipe between subsections
-points balance return
-iphone native topup feature
-graphics overhaul (with much help from essexmate)
-settings install
-useful numbers list
-send a sim to self and friend
-and much more

Thanks for all your support. (please read on..)
If you enjoy the my giffgaff app and would like to help out by making a small donation so I can continue the work, I have also created "emoji Full", A small app which unlocks a special keyboard on your iPhone to allow you type emoticons like these So rather than asking for a straightforward donation I thought I'd make a little app for all of you. The small fee (69p.. not a lot) will help me put aside the time I need to make my giffgaff the best possible app for all your giffgaff needs.

And.. if you lovely people can get emoji Full into the top ten in utilities I'll buy everyone a house.. Or more likely I'll build in a couple of super cool features into my giffgaff (for free) that you'd be spending at least 69p to get your hands on in the app store. Check it out here:

It can also be accessed in the app by going to more>unlock emoji


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