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Friday, 2 March 2012

A round-up of the best free Photo Sharing Apps

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A round-up of the best free Photo Sharing Apps
by daisyw on 06-02-2012 12:16 - last edited on 09-02-2012 14:52

Hi giffgaffers,

My name is Daisy, I am the new office manager here at giffgaff. I love my job, no day is the same and I get to be super busy which suits me just fine. It’s great being part of the team and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Whichever way you share your pictures, there are a vast number of apps worthy of your consideration. If, like me you’re on the hunt for a new photo-sharing service that is secure, fun and has a cool UI (user interface), you should definitely check these out. Happy snapping!

Please note that the apps I have listed are not in any ranked particular order, I’ve just been playing around with lots of photo sharing apps for the last few weeks and these were some of the ones that I stumbled across along the way. I’ve scored them out of 10 but none of them get less than 7 as I really think that they are a good bunch of apps and none deserve a bad score.

Each of the apps have their ups and downs but I wanted to share them with you all and get your opinions on them. Oh, and they’re all free so there’s no reason not to try them!


I’m starting you off with a good one here. Path provides a savvy way to share pictures about your life with the people you care most about. I’d say it was one of the best apps for doing just that. The UI is super simple to use and really does look well put together. I love how Path feels like an on-line journal of your daily life in beautiful images. I don’t think this one will disappoint you- download it (if you don’t already have it) and have your say. Hope you get on with it as well as I did.


Picplz seems to be a very popular photo-sharing service amongst bloggers. I found a lot more of my friends knew about this app or were using it over most of the other photo sharing apps. The app lets you see which of your Twitter followers uses Picplz, so you can quickly produce a good number of your friends to share with. It strikes me more as an app that users will use to share with the wider public rather than with a private group of it might not be exactly for you if that’s what you prefer? Another cool addition to this app is that it allows the user to filter photos into albums from cities all over the world. You can flick through photos that people have uploaded from your very own city, or, if you are feeling nosy you could even see what’s going on in Tokyo, Madrid or New York!


I think that this one is a really excellent photo-sharing app that you’ll want to check out! Lightbox is a fairly new photo sharing app designed by the ex- Google and YouTube product manager, Thai Tran. Lightbox provides a service with an exceptionally rich UI and even comes with a built-in camera to encourage you to get snapping asap. The app is perfect for professionals to access presentations, videos and images via the secure online servers. Lightbox allows you to send one file or a group of files, share and collaborate with colleagues or friends all in a matter of seconds. A mass of cool filters let users post, not only to your own Lightbox profile, but also Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and FourSquare.


Easy as A, B ,C. It seems that lots of people know and love kik. I think it is one of the best apps that allows you to share your photos quickly and securely with your friends and family. It’s not been around for that long but already has a big fan base. Blackberry, Android, IPhone and Windows all offer this service. It’s free of charge as well, so you guys may as well give this app a go. The popular video-recording application works well with the iPhone’s video-capable camera to live-stream video to the kik website direct from your phone. Try sending a funny home-made video to your friend- it really is easy. Once kik is set up, it’s a brilliant way to share your images and videos with family and friends on a chat thread.


LiveShare is another photo sharing network that has both a mobile and web provision. The mobile offering is unfortunately quite basic. You can upload pictures relatively easily, add friends, view other streams and so on but this app feels a more than unfinished and I think lacks a genuine community feel. Do you think this is fair? Maybe I should give it another go...


Photobucket is a prominent photo sharing site. This is another brilliant way to privately share pics with friends, not just uploading them for the world to see on Twitter and the like. The app allows you to upload and download pictures to and from the site~ pretty cool. They have also released another app called Snapbucket, which lets you edit your times all round. This is a good one which allows you to send your favourite images to your favourite people. Simple New users will surely be pleased with the gorgeous UI that the app offers and the ability to tag photos. Viewing pictures is a truly pleasurable experience. There is even an auto-upload feature. Due to this, if you are looking for a simple solution for storing and sharing apps, look no further!


Of all these photo-sharing apps, I think that Streamzoo seems to possibly have the strongest community feel to it. It benefits from genuinely brilliant photos too. Check it out! This app certainly ensures that you flex your creative muscles. The app is complimented by an inspiring UI and the ease of being able to share your creations with your favourite social networks. However, if you just want the app to send over pictures to your best friends then this is your ticket…it’s so easy, you can’t grumble.


I love this app! If you can’t be bothered with a complicated video assembly but you love to create love-y slideshows with tear-jerking background music, then you’ll think Animoto is a great tool! It has won countless awards, which is pretty cool. You select around 10 photos from your iPhone and then choose a tune to go with it- Animoto lets you choose from various songs and genres. Although, if I had to point out one negative, I think that it would be the limited selection of songs to choose from. Would you agree? If you download this app or already have it, it would be great to hear what you think. My favourite bonus feature of this free app is that you can email your slideshow to your family and friends. Remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner...

Once last thing...I have not forgotten Whatsapp! I think that this really is a cool way of chatting to your friends and family and showing them the images you want to at the click of a button. I love how you can take a photo and send it straight away or, choose from your album and send it in a flash!

So giffgaffers, I ask you, which is your favourite of all these apps? Can you suggest any others that are worth a look? I’m sure I have overlooked some great ones but these were all I could squeeze on for now...

Catch you later,

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