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Friday, 2 March 2012

'Unlock a phone, Unlock a chicken' is back.

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'Unlock a phone, Unlock a chicken' is back.
by tom on 08-02-2012 10:15 - last edited on 08-02-2012 10:15

Sometimes you need to let something speak for its self but before you click the play button...

Last summer we ran a campaign called ‘Unlock a phone, Unlock a chicken‘. This campaign not only gave people a splendid giffgaff SIM to pop in any unlocked mobile phone, but when the SIM was ordered through the campaigns Marketing channels, giffgaff would donate money to Wood Green, The Animals Charity. Wood Green would use this donation to unlock and re-home battery chickens. The campaign proved really successful and was one of the best we’ve run, on our Social channels.

New legislation came into play in 2012 with a change to the size of the chicken cages and asked for better basic care (food, water and ventilation). The good news is that British egg producers have followed the EU directive however we are a long way from any complete ban on battery farmed eggs (if this is even achievable) and there are still many thousands of chickens that will need support. Life expectancy is still only 18 months.

So, here is round two of ‘Unlock a phone, Unlock a Chicken’. We want to spread the word as far as we can about giffgaff and the positive change people can make by joining us.

Having interesting (and hopefully entertaining) things to read, watch and most importantly have conversations about, play a vital role in getting our message and a bit of buzz about giffgaff out there. Sometimes, you need a little help from your friends, so we have enlisted some 80’s icons and arguably the worlds most famous bird to help out. Who doesn’t love a bit of 80’s nostalgia done in a giffgaff way.

So watch our new ‘Unlock a Phone, Unlock a Chicken’ video and if you like it, pop the video on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blog...I’m sure you’ll get some interesting comments!

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